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Re: [Repo-criteria-discuss] Launched! Evaluation time

From: Bruno Félix Rezende Ribeiro
Subject: Re: [Repo-criteria-discuss] Launched! Evaluation time
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2015 19:38:55 -0200

Hello Zak and everyone else!

Em Fri, 16 Oct 2015 17:34:15 -0400
"Zak Rogoff, Free Software Foundation" <address@hidden> escreveu:

> Could people please sound off on which sites they are evaluating and
> what level of completion the evaluations are? Keep in mind that they
> need to be updated for version 1.0 of the criteria.

Considering RMS' requests and the version 1.0 of the criteria, the
updated evaluations of GNU Savannah, GitHub and SourceForge are
available in the attached file 'repo-criteria-eval.html'.  This file
is designed and ready to be placed at

Feel free to suggest improvements.  Although I do have a reasonably
current evaluation of GitLab ready for publication, I decided to let
this to Mike's discretion.

> Richard also has requested that we have a table on the main page that
> just lists the site's overall grade, and then a separate page that
> breaks it down in more detail. Who's interested in creating that?

This is done.  However, I suggest not only maintaining that table on the
evaluation page, but also moving the acknowledgements section there as

 88888  FFFFF Bruno Félix Rezende Ribeiro (oitofelix) [0x28D618AF]
 8   8  F
 88888  FFFF  mailto:address@hidden
 8   8  F     irc://
 88888  F     xmpp://address@hidden

- GNU ccd2cue maintainer
- GNU Savannah hacker
- GNU webmaster
- GNU audio and video maintainer
- GNU ethical repository criteria maintainer
- GNU web translation team coordinator (Brazilian Portuguese)
- DMOZ free software editor (Portuguese)
- UFU FAMAT PET member
- SDF Public Access UNIX System ARPA member
- Riseup user and supporter

Please, support my work:

[GNU DISCLAIMER] I'm a GNU hacker, but my views don't necessarily
match those of the GNU project.  Hereby I express my own opinion,
style and perception, in good faith, aiming the betterment of GNU.

GNU ethical repository criteria evaluations

We maintain this evaluation report presenting the compliance level of popular sites to the GNU ethical repository criteria. There are some criteria that we can’t possibly verify, in which case we accept the site maintainer’s word on the matter. This evaluation is done by volunteers and you are welcome to contribute.

Site Grade Date
GNU Savannah A
GitHub F
SourceForge F

GNU Savannah — A

Things that prevent it from moving up to the next grade A+:

GitHub — F

Things that prevent it from moving up to the next grade C:

Qualified passes for the next grade C:

SourceForge — F

Things that prevent it from moving up to the next grade C:

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