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Re: [Repo-criteria-discuss] ban of flash

From: nicolasmaia
Subject: Re: [Repo-criteria-discuss] ban of flash
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2015 18:02:07 +0000 (UTC)

I suggest we look into later on. According to TMM (the admin), it should fall somewhere along B, due to the fact that it uses JS that LibreJS can't parse.

Nicolas Maia
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19. Out 2015 15:07 por address@hidden:

Hello Sandro!

Em Sat, 17 Oct 2015 10:09:05 +0200
Sandro Santilli <address@hidden> escreveu:
I've read the GNU ethical repository criteria and found point C1
to be a bit misleading where it says "(thus, no Flash)", because
a free software flash interpreter exists, and is actually a GNU
package (and a priority project):

I think the point is that we don't want to encourage the use of flash,
deeming it as acceptable.

Thank you for your effort, btw, really useful.

You're welcome.

Do you also maintain a list of copatible hosting site ?

We are currently working on that --- expect it to be published soon.
The initial list of sites we are evaluating is: GNU Savannah, GitHub,
GitLab and SourceForge.

The wikipedia has a page for that, which might be added a
compatibility column (not sure that'd be appropriate):

As we are setting a new standard, I think this will eventually be done.
After we publish some evaluations, would you like to work on that?

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