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Old syntax warning

From: Robert Nichols
Subject: Old syntax warning
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2022 21:05:25 -0600
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Would someone please explain to me why this command:

   rdiff-backup --no-ssh-compression --null-separator backup --exclude-sockets 
--exclude-globbing-filelist /dev/fd/63 --exclude-globbing-filelist /dev/fd/62 
--exclude-globbing-filelist /root/rback/exclude-3x-auto 
--preserve-numerical-ids --print-statistics / rb-server::/media/sysbk/omega-3x

causes rdiff-backup 2.1.4rc0 to complain:

   WARNING: this command line interface is deprecated and will disappear, start 
using the new one as described with '--new --help'.

AFAICT, everything in that command line is in agreement with the current 
manpage. Both the local machine and the server are running version 2.1.4rc0.

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