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Reverting backup location to a previous state

From: rainbowx
Subject: Reverting backup location to a previous state
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2020 16:24:07 +0000


I upgraded my rdiff-backup from version 1.2.8 to version 2.0.0 (the latest that 
was installed on Ubuntu 20.04 when just doing "apt install rdiff-backup") and 
ran a backup to my usual backup location.

Unfortunately my exclude file has Windows (CRLF) line endings and I was struck 
by this bug: https://github.com/rdiff-backup/rdiff-backup/issues/357

As a result, about 100GB of data was not excluded, and my backup location grew 
from 25GB to 125GB.

So now what I would like to do is revert my backup location to an earlier 
state. Note that I don't mean restore a previous version of my backup, but 
rather "undo" my last backup.

It would seem to me since rdiff-backup keeps all the metadata, it should be 
possible in some way. But I'm unable to find any documentation about it and a 
web search also hasn't yielded what I'm looking for yet either...

Any help would be appreciated! Using the delete script to delete all the 
directories that should have been excluded would take me a very long time.

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