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[rdiff-backup-users] support requests / bugs clean up

From: Kevin Fenzi
Subject: [rdiff-backup-users] support requests / bugs clean up
Date: Sun, 26 May 2013 10:45:18 -0600


We started out with: 

11 support requests
69 bug reports

and ended up with: 

8 support requests
61 bug reports. 

6 of the support requests are related to this thread from 10(!) years


So, these are essentially wishlist items, but there's not a lot of
information in the tracker about exactly what is wanted. I'd suggest we
pull the info from that thread and create a WISHLIST or TODO document
in SCM and close the support requests, but happy to do whatever. 

I closed 3 support requests that were old/solved/notabug. 

On bug reports: 

2 duplicates closed
5 already fixed or not enough info or the like closed. 

I note there's several bugs with patches attached and would be good to
look at merging: 

os.popen2 seems depricated in Python 2.6

I've been carrying this patch in Fedora for ages, it should be fine to

Restoring hardlinked files: "Hash for foo missing, cannot check"

This fixes/helps hardlinked files. It would be good to test and merge. 

Hardlinked files not backed up because of UpdateError/Updated mirror
temp file does not match source

Another hardlink patch. 

Eliminating "AF_UNIX path too long" when backing up sockets

Fixes anoying socket backup error. 

--exclude-other-filesystems wrongly excludes even mountpoint directory

This fixes not creating mount point directories when excluding things
(like /proc /sys etc). 

A majority of the bugs left after that are wishlist items, although
there are a few what look to be legit bugs also. If folks would like me
to seperate them out into categories I can do that or whatever works. 


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