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Re: [rdiff-backup-users] Plans?

From: Kevin Fenzi
Subject: Re: [rdiff-backup-users] Plans?
Date: Fri, 24 May 2013 13:24:59 -0600

On Fri, 24 May 2013 18:07:18 +0000
"Edward Ned Harvey (rdiff-backup)" <address@hidden> wrote:

> > From: rdiff-backup-users-bounces+rdiff-
> > address@hidden [mailto:rdiff-backup-users-
> > address@hidden On Behalf Of Kevin
> > Fenzi
> > 
> > Sure. If we can document how to setup and test we could also get
> > others doing them. Also, might look into something like buildbot or
> > jenkins.
> I'm not familiar...

Well, buildbot and jenkins are both Continuous integration frameworks. 
Typically projects set them up and then on every single commit to the
SCM, it checks everything out, builds and runs tests. If the build
fails it lets you know, if the tests fail it lets you know. You can
then see right away which specific commit broke things and more easily
fix it. 

Not sure it's a great fit for rdiff-backup, but might be worth looking

> > Sure. I think it's important to get maint back on track before
> > really digging into any development. Just fixing easy bugs/docs and
> > getting a new maint release out there will also cause people to see
> > that things are flowing again and potentially add a bunch of
> > developers to help with new features too.
> That is truly an excellent point.
> > Thanks for the thoughts. Do post to the list when/if you need help
> > on anything.
> I always say, there are two characteristics of good technical
> managers.  The obvious one is enough breadth and depth of technical
> knowledge to make generally good decisions about strategy and
> direction.  But at LEAST equally important, is the ability to know
> your team, know your resources, their motivations, their limits.
> PEOPLE management.


> Frankly, I rate myself as an intermediate python developer, who's
> also rusty.  I'm a damn good sysadmin, and extremely computer-sciency
> in general, with a fair amount of access to compute resources.

Yeah, I am in about the same boat as you. ;) 
FWIW, I maintain the Fedora and EPEL rdiff-backup packages and use it
at home. I also run Fedora infrastructure, and we are looking at using
rdiff-backup here as well (although we are not currently). 
> "Post when/if I need help on anything" you say.   ;-)  I think the
> correct response for me, is to say, what would you be interested in
> working on or contributing?

Well, time is always the issue for me. Pretty busy with all the other
stuff I have going on. 

I'd be willing to try and help out though... perhaps I could assist
with bug triage? Many of the bugs I get on the fedora side are just
user error or issues with filesystems, etc and can be closed out once
people fix the underlying issue. Looks like there's 69 bugs in
savannah. I don't know if I need any privs there, but would be happy to
try and go close obvious ones and ask for info on others, etc... 

Another unrelated thing... currently source is in svn. Git is the new
hotness, perhaps it would be worth seeing how hard it would be to


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