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[rdiff-backup-users] Backup to Fat32 w. override-chars-to-quote

From: Tore Ericsson
Subject: [rdiff-backup-users] Backup to Fat32 w. override-chars-to-quote
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2011 18:04:28 +0200
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Backup to Fat32 from Linux with override-chars-to-quote 

My rdiff-backup has version 1.2.8. Questions at the end.

On a Kubuntu system, I have 'image directories', (actually html galleries, 
each including sub-directories etc.).

        Copies of image directories:
I copy each 'image directoriy' to each of two usb disks, one is Ext3 (or Ext4) 
and the other Fat32. Besides having double backups, this prepares for showing 
'image directories' on even MSWin computers using the Fat32 copies.

        Why use rdiff-backup to produce the copies:
Such a copy is best (I think) produced with rdiff-backup, since it can be 
restored, modified, and finally updated back to the usb disks in a secure way, 
preserving history.

        A problem (was):
The command 'rdiff-backup $source $disk' works well on the Ext3 disk, 
but does not produce files with unchanged names on the Fat32 disk. That is, 
with names ready to use for showing 'image directories' when this disk is 
just plugged into a MSWin computer that has got a web browser.

        Solution (my attempt):
For the Fat32 destination, at present I use the command
        rdiff-backup --no-hard-links \
                --override-chars-to-quote '"*/:<>?\\|;' \
                $source $disk
mainly as described at 'http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=652316' in 
its last post.

        My Fat32 intentions are:
- to transfer file names literally untouched to the case-insensitive Fat32
- to be able to restore a directory with untouched file names
        Assuming that:
- no ambigous file names will arise (I'm caring against that!)
- only ascii characters are used in file names (e.g. no umlauts)

        And finally, my questions:
How does 'override-chars-to-quote' actually work here? Isn't it rather working 
like 'chars-to-quote' or 'override-chars-to-quote-except'? Is this a 
proper way to achieve the intended goal?

So far my first experiences are positive, even if I don't know all details as 
regards 'override-chars-to-quote'. I'm interested in sharing experiences with 
you that has experience of and/or know more about similar use of rdiff-backup, 
and to get advices on transferring file trees between Linux and MSWin in a 
simple way. 

Best regards and thanks on beforehand,


P.S. I may add that all text files in the 'image directories' are utf-8 
coded. Since utf-8 support is slightly improved on recent MSWin systems it is 
not impossible to administer them with MSWin7, for example. I haven't tested 
to run rdiff-backup on MSWin, though.

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