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Re: [rdiff-backup-users] rdiff-backup and SuSE SLES 10 sp 3

From: Gavin
Subject: Re: [rdiff-backup-users] rdiff-backup and SuSE SLES 10 sp 3
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2010 12:24:50 +1000
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Morten Christensen wrote:
 My first experience with rdiff-backup.

I try to backup a Novell file-server based on SLES 10 sp3 to a Ubuntu 10.04 server.

Rdiff-backup 1.2.8 installs on Ubuntu 10.04 without a problem.

I cannot make too large changes on the SLES-box.
There is no rpm-package for rdiff-backup on the SLES 10. When I download the tarball of rdiff-backup 1.2.8 and run "python setup.py build" it ends with a error about missing gcc.

SLES 10 uses Python 2.4. All modern rdiff-backup-rpm's I can find for SuSE depends on Python 2.6. The only SuSE-rpm I havefound, that depends on Python 2.4 is rdiff-backup ver. 1.0.4.

When I try to run a backup, it starts with a warning that version 1.2.8 does not match version 1.0.4. Then comes several screens of messages and nothing i backup'ed.

Any way's to get this to run without messing with gcc or python 2.6 on the SLES?

Rdiff-backup works best when both ends have rdiff-backup installed (preferably the exact same version).
If you can install 1.0.4 on both ends (I seem to remember this being a stable version for a while.) it should work just fine for most cases.

The other option of course is to compile the binaries on a very similar machine to SLES and copy them over.
Or rsync the source to somewhere and then run rdiff-backup against that.

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