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Re: [rdiff-backup-users] back up to existing mirror acting strangely

From: John covici
Subject: Re: [rdiff-backup-users] back up to existing mirror acting strangely
Date: Mon, 4 May 2009 12:24:43 -0400

OK, but on a normal backup (not the first time) it does not do this,
what makes it do it the first time and not other times?

on Monday 05/04/2009 Josh Nisly(address@hidden) wrote
 > This is typical. rdiff-backup is checksumming each file's contents to 
 > make sure that the file in the mirror is the same as the source file. 
 > Since the data set is large, this will take a while. There really is no 
 > way to tell rdiff-backup to skip files whose size matches, and I think 
 > if you think it through, you'll agree that this is good. What if a log 
 > file would change, but stay the same size?
 > The only suggestion I have is to reduce the verbosity level, in case 
 > rdiff-backup is spending a lot of expensive round-trips sending log 
 > messages from the server to the client.
 > JoshN
 > John covici wrote:
 > > Hi.  I am using rdiff-backup 1.2.5 which is what is on Leni to backup
 > > to r remote site which contains an existing mirror of my local site
 > > except for a small number of files, but the mirror is quite large.
 > > What I am getting is  things like this in the log file:
 > > Getting signature of
 > > var/www/vhosts/wlym.com/web_users/australia/images/20081020_BostonUniversity.zip
 > > with blocksize 5440
 > >
 > > Sometimes it says getting delta and sometimes it says processing
 > > changed file and then copying attributes, but its never copying the
 > > files -- as it shouldn't, but whatever it thinks its doing, its taking
 > > a very long time and I wonder what it is trying to do and if there is
 > > any way to get it to skip all but files whose size, etc. is actually
 > > different?
 > >
 > > Thanks in advance for any ideas on this.
 > >
 > >   

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