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[rdiff-backup-users] New release: 1.2.2

From: Andrew Ferguson
Subject: [rdiff-backup-users] New release: 1.2.2
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2008 13:02:08 -0400

Hi all,

As promised, a new rdiff-backup stable release. ChangeLog included below.

Direct download links:

GPG signatures:

(I actually learned how to do detached-signatures this time! :-)

My thanks to everyone who contributed patches, bug reports, and suggestions for this release.


New in v1.2.2 (2008/10/19)

Automatically resume after a failed initial backup. (Patch from Josh Nisly)

Improve compatibility between Unix and remote native Windows client. It is now possible to use SSH daemons other than Putty on Windows. (Andrew Ferguson)

Print a more informative error message if the user's remote shell prints
extraneous information before rdiff-backup runs. (Andrew Ferguson)

Don't backup Windows ACLs if the --no-acls option is specified. Thanks to
Richard Metzger for reporting the issue. (Andrew Ferguson)

Add error handling and logging to Windows ACL support; fixes Windows backup to
SMB share. Improve test in fs_abilities to determine if Windows ACLs are
supported. (Andrew Ferguson)

Add a warning message if extended attributes support is broken by the
filesystem (such as with older EncFS versions). (Andrew Ferguson)

Improve handling of Windows ACLs by switching to API functions which
understand inherited ACEs; fixes support for Windows 2000. (Andrew Ferguson)

Support extended attributes on symbolic links. (Andrew Ferguson)

On Mac OS X, read the com.apple.FinderInfo extended attribute since it is the only storage location for the 'busy' (Z) Finder attribute. (Andrew Ferguson)

Properly fix "AttributeError: RPath instance has no attribute 'inc_compressed'" bug. Fix in 1.1.12 was in correct place, but wrong solution. (Andrew Ferguson)

Improve support for Python 2.5, which refactored the built-in exceptions so
that SystemExit and KeyboardInterrupt no longer derive from Exception.
Closes support request #106504. (Andrew Ferguson)

Adjust --exclude-if-present option to support directories, symlinks, device files, etc. Closes bug #24192. Thanks to Vadim Zeitlin for the suggestion.

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