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Re: [rdiff-backup-users] Keep Getting Security Error Traceback and losin

From: Andrew Ferguson
Subject: Re: [rdiff-backup-users] Keep Getting Security Error Traceback and losing connection
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2008 22:01:53 -0400

On Oct 15, 2008, at 3:27 PM, Hubbitus wrote:
Andrew Ferguson wrote:
They were being printed only because you had the "-v 5" option. Those
messages are printed when the exception occurs on the remote end, but
is handled by the local end.

I'm not Python programmer, and understand this traceback very approximately. So, why rdiff-backup do not catch it and writes more friendly error messages? When I'm increase verbose level, I expect more details in output, but unhandled exceptions seems as error in any case...

It *is* handled. The only reason that information is printed is because the exception is being sent across the network to be handled at the other end, instead of being handled by the end that generated (as is the design for that particular case).

Furthermore, the message is very friendly, if you are used to reading rdiff-backup logs at high verbosity. :-) The question of whether it should be at -v 5 or -v 6, 7, or 8 is separate.


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