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[rdiff-backup-users] Backup and synchronization issues

From: Toscano2
Subject: [rdiff-backup-users] Backup and synchronization issues
Date: Wed, 01 Oct 2008 12:15:01 -0400

Hello everyone,

  I am reading for some time now about backup solutions, especially the 
'rdiff-backup' (=> 'RDB') approach looks great. 
The RDB Windows-port is working fine for local backup of my Windows-data. Now 
I'd like to extend this further.

Since backup+restore is such a common task, I'd like to know if others
have already designed a solution or have some hints for me for the following 

- with backup I mean data-only, not the operating system itself (I have images 
for that task)
- final backup storage destination is local PC (Win XP SP3, reasonably large 
NTFS partition)

1. I need to backup my 3 Windows systems (Win XP, all with NTFS)
2. backup of Linux-servers (currently 3)
3. backup of content inside VMWare-images, also VMWare-images itself

- I need daily backups of servers, and in case my final backup-destination PC 
is not powered-on, 
I cannot use Windows-RDB on my local side and RDB on the server-side.
=> So I must backup each server via RDB (or one of the wrappers below) locally 

- When the final backup-destination Windows-PC is running, I'd like to 
the linux-server's backups made locally via RDB to the NTFS-partition.

AIM 3 would be accomplished for the VMWare-images-part with AIM 1, for the 
Linux-content _inside_ the VMWare-image, 
this resolves to my AIM 2, for which I do not have a solution yet.

Now my questions are:

This is the point where I am stuck now. AFAICT it's not possible to use 
(cw-)rsync to an NTFS partition, is that right?

How did others solve that problem? (Backup to Windows via RDB the already 
locally backupped RDB-archive?)

Those solutions I am considering for Linux/Local-to-Linux backups:
second option: http://safekeep.sourceforge.net/index.shtml
simpler approach: http://wiki.rdiff-backup.org/wiki/index.php/BackupServer

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