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Re: [rdiff-backup-users] moving synced directories

From: Chris Fanning
Subject: Re: [rdiff-backup-users] moving synced directories
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2007 08:42:43 +0200


> Aside from that, my understanding of the OP's question seems to differ
> from your's. Only now I realise that we're missing some input ;-)
> First, there was /home/office, being backed up to remote::/copy/office
> Now, with the second office, an office1 and an office2 are suggested.
> Chris: Do both offices share the same /home drive or are they completely
> separated?
completely seperated.

> If they are separated, both offices can just use /home/office locally.
> Backing up those to one machine can simply be done to two separate trees,
> e.g. /copy/office1 and /copy/office2. Or to /copy/office/office1 and
> /copy/office/office2. If you now have /copy/office/rdiff-backup-data then
> you can move around and even rename the office directory any way you
> like. For example: rename it to office1 (mv /copy/office /copy/office1),
> create a new office subdir (mkdir /copy/office), and move the old tree
> inside the new subdir (mv /copy/office1 /copy/office)
> If the two locations need to be backed up separately, you can not store
> them in only 1 rdiff-backup tree.

Thanks. that was easy. and it has worked just fine.

> If you explicitly want to move /home/office to /home/office/office1 at the
> source side, that should also not be a problem, under the condition that
> you change your backup command line to backup /home/office/office1 instead
> of plain /home/office. Keep in mind, however, that applications depending
> on absolute path names may break if you rename/move home directories.
Thanks a lot for the reminder. I would have overlooked that detail :)


> This being said, I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts about moving
> entire folders in systems being backed up using rdiff-backup. Currently
> this involves removing the original files (as if they were deleted) and
> adding new files in the new location. This has been a wishlist item for
> quite some time, but I don't recall anyone discussing implementation
> ideas.
> HTH,
>  Maarten

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