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[rdiff-backup-users] comparing subdirectories

From: Kshitij Velhal
Subject: [rdiff-backup-users] comparing subdirectories
Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2006 14:39:58 -0800


I am new user of rdiff-backup and am facing some problems in comparing subdirectories of backupsets
I want to find files in a subdirectory that have changed since last backup

Following is my configuration:

Ubuntu 5.10 with rdiff-backup version 1.0.4

/data is the partition with files to backup (hda6)
/backup is partition on another disk (hdb1)
/backup/scripts contains my backup scripts and file exclude lists

I am running the tool as: (this is part of backup script which also takes care of other partitions and runs as a cron)
rdiff-backup --exclude-globbing-filelist /backup/scripts/Data_Excludes /data /backup/DataFull

exlcude list contains entries like:

Files have not been modified since last backup

Now if I do
rdiff-backup --exclude-globbing-filelist /backup/scripts/Data_Excludes --compare /data /backup/DataFull
Output says : No changes found.  Directory matches archive data.

This is as expected since nothing changed since last backup

But if I want to check any subdirectory say,
rdiff-backup --compare /data/test1/ /backup/DataFull/test1
(I had to remove exclude option as exclude paths don't match and rdiff-backup fails to understand the arguments)
It shows all the files including subdirectories therein as new and deleted

Here is output
new     .
new     a
new     b
new     c
new     d
new     media
new     media/cd
new     media/flpy
new     media/hdd
new     media/hdd/h1
new     media/usbdisk
new     media/usbdisk/u1
deleted test1
deleted test1/a
deleted test1/b
deleted test1/c
deleted test1/d
deleted test1/media
deleted test1/media/cd
deleted test1/media/flpy
deleted test1/media/hdd
deleted test1/media/hdd/h1
deleted test1/media/usbdisk
deleted test1/media/usbdisk/u1

So even if nothing is changed rdiff-backup is showing some weired output

I am confused. Am I giving wrong options to rdiff-backup or is it not possible to check the delta for sub directories?
How can I reliably detect any changes in subdirectories of the backupset?

Thanks for any help

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