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Re: rdiffbackup windows version [ Used to be ] -> [rdiff-backup-users] V

From: David Kempe
Subject: Re: rdiffbackup windows version [ Used to be ] -> [rdiff-backup-users] Version 0.13.5 released
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 22:25:57 +1000
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Low Kian Seong wrote:
The todo list for the windows port is here :


Although somewhere else I found that the company
solutionsfirst says that they are working on a
window's version. Any idea if they will be charging
for it ?

we distribute a gui for rdiff-backup on windows that schedules jobs (perl scripts in the windows scheduled tasks) that call rdiff-backup. So our gui is more a file selection and scheduling gui than an rdiff-backup gui. we then have a web interface that talks soap to the gui, or just uses a normal webbrowser for restores. we have only just recently got the web interface to point where it is multi-user enough to distribute to different servers etc. It still requires some testing. Its basically a php/mysql application that has users and users have backup repositories that they can restore from. aside from that it ignores fs permissions because they don't make any sense for web based restores. it also has a few other features, but it only really calls rdiff-backup for past increment restores. nevertheless, we are still interested in recouping some of our development cost in the web interface, just not sure exactly how to do it. The client we developed it for is still around, however his offsite backup business hasn't taken off as expected, so the cash is not as forthcoming as we need.

contact me offlist if you need any more details about the web interface, but at this stage due to development being vary slow and the client unwilling to opensource it, we have been a bit stymied.



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