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Re: [rdiff-backup-users] Error reading from pipe (problem probably origi

From: Ben Escoto
Subject: Re: [rdiff-backup-users] Error reading from pipe (problem probably originated remotely)
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 20:00:46 -0700

>>>>> "LM" == Linda Markowsky <address@hidden>
>>>>> wrote the following on Tue, 3 Jun 2003 11:43:55 -0400 (EDT)

  LM> I've been using rdiff-backup for months (currently using
  LM> 0.6.0-1), but my remote backup no longer works. Just after
  LM> asking for my password, rdiff-backup prints the following error
  LM> message:

Hmm, could you try upgrading to a newer version?  There have been many
changes in 0.6.0, see the Changelog at:


There should not be difficulties restoring older data.

Ben Escoto

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