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[rdiff-backup-users] index already covered errors

From: Dave Steinberg
Subject: [rdiff-backup-users] index already covered errors
Date: Sun, 8 Jun 2003 01:01:24 -0400

Hello Ben and others,

Been happily running rdiff-backup for some time but lately I've been
getting 2 meg emails from my backup server full of errors like:

Error 'Index ('command', 'envdir') already covered, skipping' processing
Skipping command/envdir because of previous error
Error 'Index ('command', 'envuidgid') already covered, skipping'
processing command/envuidgid
Skipping command/envuidgid because of previous error

and naturally it makes me quite nervous.  Did a little bit of archive
work and googling and came across this post:

But that's version 0.7.6.  I'm running 0.10.2.  I do believe that all my
backups are completing successfully as I eventually get a summary out of
them all.

Can anyone shed any light on this for me?  I'd be much happier if I just
got the summaries in my email instead of those errors!

Anyone interested in a copy of my 2 megs of errors is more than welcome
to it and any other associated logs I have.  Also, invariably I have
omitted key information that is relevant.  Please smack me and I will

Assorted tidbits of the configuration:
- rdiff-backup 0.10.2 on all machines.
- 1 client machine running OpenBSD 3.2 -x86
- 1 client machine running OpenBSD 3.3 -x86
- 1 backup server running OpenBSD 3.3 -sparc64 (its an Ultra 5 I've
frankenserver'ed out)
- no apparent connectivity interruptions
- backups run exactly as described here:

Thanks very much!
Dave Steinberg

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