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Re: [rdiff-backup-users] MacOS X problems

From: Scott Bender
Subject: Re: [rdiff-backup-users] MacOS X problems
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2003 23:57:46 -0400

Yep, you're correct. I modified Hardlink.link_rp() to be:

def link_rp(diff_rorp, dest_rpath, dest_root = None):
    """Make dest_rpath into a link using link flag in diff_rorp"""
    if not dest_root: dest_root = dest_rpath # use base of dest_rpath
    dest_link_rpath = rpath.RPath(dest_root.conn, dest_root.base,

All is fine now.


On Sunday, June 1, 2003, at 02:32  PM, Ben Escoto wrote:

"SB" == Scott Bender <address@hidden>
wrote the following on Sat, 31 May 2003 22:32:36 -0400

  SB> Sorry to keep bugging you about this. Is there anything I can do
  SB> to help resolve this? I'm a programmer and I know python well,
  SB> although I haven't taken the time to review enough of you code
  SB> to fix the problem myself. If you can point me in the right
  SB> direction, I may be able to resolve it.

Hi, sorry to all that I haven't been very active here recently.  I'm
defending soon, which means my dissertation really has to get written
now.  So I'll be somewhat busy for the next 2-3 weeks.  But after that
I'll have more time.

About your problem in particular, I'm guessing the problem is that
rdiff-backup is trying to make a hard link, but it is forgetting to
quote the original, and that's why "OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or
directory".  What I would try to do is find arguments to os.link
(e.g. add print/log statement) and see if they are correct.

Ben Escoto

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