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re: [rdiff-backup-users] need help to run rdiff-backup

From: Greg Freemyer
Subject: re: [rdiff-backup-users] need help to run rdiff-backup
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2003 18:54:04 -0400

 >>  Hi,  I'm trying to run rdiff-backup under win2K SP3 and  Python 2.2  First
 >>  I made changes to make rdiff-backup run in  
 >>  the win32 environnment (about the UNIX permissions, etc...). But now when
 >>  I ask  :  python rdiff-backup c:\txt c:\backup  it answers me :  OSError:
 >>  [Errno 17] File exists  It would be great if somebody could help  me. 
 >>  Tonio.

First you are not using the -windows-mode flag which is required if the 
drive is NTFS.

More Info:

Are you trying with cygwin, or native Win32?

If native Win32, I'm willing to help, but nobody has it working to my knowledge 
and I 
spent several full days trying last month.  A new release of autotools for 
cygwin just came out that can supposed build .dlls better, so maybe it is time 
to try again.

If cygwin, I (and several others) have it working and I posted several of my 
to the list last month.

I did not put together a "recipe", so it is rather difficult to follow.

I still have some issues:

1) I have had no luck getting a native Win32 version working.

2) Cygwin only supports 2 GB files max.

3) Cygwin does not export the full NTFS ACL list, so a full-backup is not 
really possible.

Given the above, I'm not really using rdiff-backup in Windows, but I would like 

Greg Freemyer

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