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No Menu in Slackware / SLINT

From: David J. Ring, Jr.
Subject: No Menu in Slackware / SLINT
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2021 10:03:52 -0400
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I am trying to get ratpoison working the same way as ratpoison in Debian
in SLINT which is slackware Internetional and for the visually impaired.

My darned memory isn't very good and Debian has key bindings so if I use
C-t then : I get a window and I can enter "menu" and get a menu. For me,
a menu is a needed crutch for my poor short term memory, Debian does
this, but Slackware doesn't do this, and I'm trying to figure out "WHY?"

So I thought it was the ratpoisonrc file.    Debian doesn't have a
ratpoisonrc file either under /etc/ratpoisonrc or in ~/.ratpoisonrc

Debian ratpoison is version 1.4.9
Slint ratpoison is version 1.4.9 also.

I attach my ~/.ratpoisonrc file from Debian.

With great hopes that I can have a menu in Slackware / SLINT.

David Ring

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