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Re: [RP] Ratpoison cause segmentation fault while using it in Userland f

From: Spiros Bousbouras
Subject: Re: [RP] Ratpoison cause segmentation fault while using it in Userland for Android
Date: Mon, 09 Sep 2019 10:32:46 -0700 (PDT)

On Sun, 8 Sep 2019 22:10:06 +0200  Janusz Chmiel wrote:
> I will let The decision on you. If you could look deeply at The source
> code of Ratpoison, its dependent .h header files. Could you try to
> extend Ratpoison source code lines so it would not display segmentation
> fault message when running ratpoison in Userland session?
> I Am running Debian ARM64 Bit variant. But I Am using 64 Bit CPU and
> Android run 32 Bit. It is standard of many Android devices, because 64
> Bit Android code allocates much more RAm and internal device storage.
> If you will decide, that working in this non standard environment is The
> waste of time, I will respect it. But Ratpoison is very light weight
> window manager and it would be ideal for such non standard environment
> such as Userland project.

I'm not familiar with UserLAnd but I will try a few questions :
Do you install  ratpoison  from the Debian repositories or do you compile
from source ? I don't know if compiling from source is possible on UserLAnd ,
I'm just asking.

> The interesting think is that even some C related library display
> segmentation fault, there is no other crash and Window manager work
> here.

I find this confusing. Which C library ? Where do you see the message
about segmentation fault ? Is there anything related in  /var/log/messages ?
What about if you do   dmesg | tail   ? What do you mean "Window manager works" 
Assuming you mean  ratpoison  , do you mean that it works until you get
segmentation fault or that somehow you a get a segmentation fault message
and yet  ratpoison  continues to work ? What exactly were you doing right
before getting the message ?

> Do you think that I can simply ignore this, or is The segmentation
> fault The severe C language run-time bug, which can cause unexpected app
> behaviour and can cause whole system instability if I will run Ratpoison
> with this bug for A too long time?

A segmentation fault generally means that some programme tried to access
memory it wasn't supposed to. In a robust system this may terminate the
programme responsible but should have no effect on the rest of the system.
Whether UserLAnd is robust enough I don't know but if a segmentation fault of
ratpoison  or anything else causes UserLAnd to become unstable then that's a
bug in UserLAnd and should be reported to its maintainers. So I would say you
should continue to run  ratpoison  and see if any crash of  ratpoison
(assuming this is what happens , you're not clear enough) affects the rest of
the system. If it does , you should report it to the UserLAnd maintainers. In
the meantime try to answer my other questions above.

Spiros Bousbouras

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