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Re: [RP] Stupid question

From: Jason Creighton
Subject: Re: [RP] Stupid question
Date: Fri Apr 25 19:54:12 2003

On Fri, 25 Apr 2003 20:46:22 -0400
Michael Scottaline <address@hidden> wrote:

> At the risk of sounding totally ignorant......
> How does one actually "logout" from ratpoison?
> I ask because I've been closing all apps and then just "ctrl-alt-bkspc"
> But when one of my sons logs in then, they can't access certain services
> (such as sound) if I've been using them.  It seems I'm NOT logged out
> properly by just using that method.  I've checked the docs, but couldn't
> find anything about logging the user out.
> Thanks for any advice,
> Mike

What I do is call the 'quit' command. This isn't bound to anything be default.

Jason Creighton

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