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[RP] what about... (features)

From: Philippe Gendreau
Subject: [RP] what about... (features)
Date: Mon Apr 21 19:29:06 2003
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first of all, let me state that I love ratpoison. The screen paradigm is
good way to go and I have been looking for something like this for a while.

After getting use to it there is some features I feel that are missing.
(there was more, but what I got from cvs today addressed most of them...)
Maybe they are still to implement, maybe there is reasons no to, maybe it
is possible to do those externally. I'd be interested to know... 

I feel that all windows don't have to be in the cycling list at all time
and that it's a shame that I have to break a good framing scheme when I
want to get a fullsize window.

I also think that some mouse focus would be welcome for those programs
who respond to mouse events like mozialla or most non-text apps. I still
have to use the mouse in some of those and it's counter-intuitive that
most buttons work while textfields don't. It should autofocus the frame
on mouseclick so I could even go back to another fram directly whith the
mouse when leaving those app.


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