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[RP] Mozilla trouble

From: Karl Eklund
Subject: [RP] Mozilla trouble
Date: Sat Apr 19 19:29:05 2003
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I have some trouble with Mozilla 1.3 compiled with GTK 2. Tried both
the ratpoison in Debian woody (called 1.0.0.cvs.20020117-2) and

Sometimes Mozilla stops responding to keyboard input and nothing
happens when things are selected from the menus. Clicking on
hyperlinks and buttons works.

This occurs when Mozilla is started or when new windows are opened or
when I switch to the Mozilla window, but not always and not in a way I
can predict.

It is fixed by doing the "split" command in ratpoison. Or killing and
restarting Mozilla, of course.

Seems like a typical thing Mozilla would do, only problem is that it
only happens with ratpoison, not with Metacity/GNOME 2.

Has it happened to anyone else?

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