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[Ranger-users] %D variable possible?

From: Sitaram Chamarty
Subject: [Ranger-users] %D variable possible?
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2010 10:58:42 +0530


%d currently expands to the path of the current directory.  If you
have 2 tabs open, could %D perhaps expand to the path of the current
dir on the other tab?  (or the most recently visited tab, if there are
more than two)?

Here's why I ask.  (Again, this is a frequent operation for me).

If I want to run "diff -qr" on 2 directories, I now do this:

        ranger dir1 dir2        # start ranger with 2 tabs
        <tab>                   # go to dir2 tab
        h                       # go to dir2's parent
        yy                      # yank full path of dir2
        <tab>                   # go to dir1 tab
        #diff -qr %d %c

In mc, I used to just type in: diff -qr %d %D

I'm trying to make something like that work.  I'm not saying it has to
be exactly the same, only that it would be nice if the steps could be

While you're about it, you may want to think of the equivalents for
%f, %s, etc for other tabs.  Like maybe %<N><letter> is %<letter> in
tab <N> perhaps?  Would be real cool!



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