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[Radiusplugin-users] Is this a bug or what?

From: yegle
Subject: [Radiusplugin-users] Is this a bug or what?
Date: Fri, 28 May 2010 07:46:42 -0400

Hi list,

I'm using OpenVPN radiusplugin, and I found this problem days ago.

Every hour openvpn server will attempt to rekey to client, at this time radiusplugin will made an Accounting-Request to openvpn server.
But I have set up Simultaneous-Use,thus the plugin will get an "already log in" reply message.

So openvpn client will disconnect every hour and ping-restart itself.

The default SQL to check Simultaneous-Use is:

    simul_count_query = "SELECT COUNT(*) \
                             FROM ${acct_table1} \
                             WHERE username = '%{SQL-User-Name}' \
                             AND acctstoptime IS NULL"

which definately will cause problem if radiusplugin post Accounting-Request when rekeying.

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