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Re: [PATCH v2] meson: Propagate gnutls dependency to migration

From: Juan Quintela
Subject: Re: [PATCH v2] meson: Propagate gnutls dependency to migration
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2021 16:04:48 +0100
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Jessica Clarke <jrtc27@jrtc27.com> wrote:
> Commit 3eacf70bb5a83e4775ad8003cbca63a40f70c8c2 neglected to fix this
> for softmmu configs, which pull in migration's use of gnutls.
> This fixes the following compilation failure on Arm-based Macs:
>   In file included from migration/multifd.c:23:
>   In file included from migration/tls.h:25:
>   In file included from include/io/channel-tls.h:26:
>   In file included from include/crypto/tlssession.h:24:
>   include/crypto/tlscreds.h:28:10: fatal error: 'gnutls/gnutls.h' file not 
> found
>   #include <gnutls/gnutls.h>
>            ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>   1 error generated.
> (as well as for channel.c and tls.c)
> Signed-off-by: Jessica Clarke <jrtc27@jrtc27.com>

Reviewed-by: Juan Quintela <quintela@redhat.com>

I would preffer to be the other way around, i.e. modularize tls out of
migration, but a fast look at it shows it as a big job.  As said on the
commint message, channel.c & tls.c both use tls not conditionally.
Once there, multifd.c also requires tls compiled in.
Can we realistically build qemu without tls nowadays?

Later, Juan.

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