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Re: [PATCH] hw/usb: Make "hcd-ehci.h" header public

From: BALATON Zoltan
Subject: Re: [PATCH] hw/usb: Make "hcd-ehci.h" header public
Date: Mon, 4 May 2020 10:48:23 +0200 (CEST)
User-agent: Alpine 2.22 (BSF 395 2020-01-19)

On Mon, 4 May 2020, Philippe Mathieu-Daudé wrote:
As target-specific code use this header, move it to the publicly
accessible include/ folder.

 $ git grep hw/usb/hcd-ehci.h
 hw/arm/allwinner-h3.c:31:#include "hw/usb/hcd-ehci.h"
 hw/arm/exynos4210.c:38:#include "hw/usb/hcd-ehci.h"
 hw/ppc/sam460ex.c:38:#include "hw/usb/hcd-ehci.h"
 include/hw/arm/allwinner-a10.h:13:#include "hw/usb/hcd-ehci.h"
 include/hw/arm/aspeed_soc.h:29:#include "hw/usb/hcd-ehci.h"

All of these only need either the type #define or EHCISysBusState so splitting only those off to a public header should be enough and better than making public all of ehci's internal header.


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