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[Qemu-trivial] [RFC PATCH 4/4] qemu-options: Do not show -enable-kvm and

From: Thomas Huth
Subject: [Qemu-trivial] [RFC PATCH 4/4] qemu-options: Do not show -enable-kvm and -enable-hax in the docs anymore
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2018 07:05:21 +0200

We've got three ways of enabling an accelerator: -machine accel=xyz,
-accel xyz and -enable-xyz. For new QEMU users, this must be very
confusing ("Which one do I have to use? Is there a difference between
the options?"). While -enable-kvm was useful in the past, there is no
real good reason for using it anymore today ("-accel kvm" is even less
to type than "-enable-kvm"), so let's decrease the confusing amount of
options in our documenation a little bit by removing the -enable-xyz
here. Note that the option itself is neither removed nor marked as
deprecated - since -enable-kvm is likely used in a lot of scripts and
since its code is easy to maintain, we should keep it around to avoid
to break old setups.

Signed-off-by: Thomas Huth <address@hidden>
 PS: I guess Paolo won't like this patch ... let's try it anyway ;-)

 qemu-options.hx | 22 ++++------------------
 1 file changed, 4 insertions(+), 18 deletions(-)

diff --git a/qemu-options.hx b/qemu-options.hx
index 0ec9cac..f33a81e 100644
--- a/qemu-options.hx
+++ b/qemu-options.hx
@@ -3414,25 +3414,11 @@ STEXI
 Set the filename for the BIOS.
-DEF("enable-kvm", 0, QEMU_OPTION_enable_kvm, \
-    "-enable-kvm     enable KVM full virtualization support\n", QEMU_ARCH_ALL)
address@hidden -enable-kvm
address@hidden -enable-kvm
-Enable KVM full virtualization support. This option is only available
-if KVM support is enabled when compiling.
+HXCOMM -accel kvm should be used instead, thus this is not documented anymore
+DEF("enable-kvm", 0, QEMU_OPTION_enable_kvm, "", QEMU_ARCH_ALL)
-DEF("enable-hax", 0, QEMU_OPTION_enable_hax, \
-    "-enable-hax     enable HAX virtualization support\n", QEMU_ARCH_I386)
address@hidden -enable-hax
address@hidden -enable-hax
-Enable HAX (Hardware-based Acceleration eXecution) support. This option
-is only available if HAX support is enabled when compiling. HAX is only
-applicable to MAC and Windows platform, and thus does not conflict with
+HXCOMM -accel hax should be used instead, thus this is not documented anymore
+DEF("enable-hax", 0, QEMU_OPTION_enable_hax, "", QEMU_ARCH_I386)
 DEF("xen-domid", HAS_ARG, QEMU_OPTION_xen_domid,
     "-xen-domid id   specify xen guest domain id\n", QEMU_ARCH_ALL)

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