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Re: [Qemu-trivial] [Qemu-block] [PATCH] block/dmg: make it modular if us

From: Stefan Hajnoczi
Subject: Re: [Qemu-trivial] [Qemu-block] [PATCH] block/dmg: make it modular if using additional library
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2015 13:58:08 +0000

On Tue, Mar 10, 2015 at 10:09 AM, Kevin Wolf <address@hidden> wrote:
> Am 10.03.2015 um 10:17 hat Fam Zheng geschrieben:
>> On Tue, 03/10 09:50, Kevin Wolf wrote:
>> > Am 10.03.2015 um 08:06 hat Michael Tokarev geschrieben:
>> > Also, should we consider making some more rarely used image formats
>> > modules even if they don't pull in external dependencies?
>> Sounds reasonable to me. Is the intention to reduce binary size?
> Yes, that and also that it allows compiling out some drivers without
> having to mess with the Makefiles. You just don't install all of them.
> Related to that, Peter also mentioned that you (the user, not developer
> or packager) could simply disable a single driver, for example as a
> temporary hotfix in the case of security problems in a block driver.
> That would actually be an argument for making _all_ drivers modules.

I am for making all block drivers built as modules.


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