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[Qemu-trivial] Black screen on qemu launch

From: New B
Subject: [Qemu-trivial] Black screen on qemu launch
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2014 07:03:03 -0700


Here is my environment:

1- qemu 1.7.1
2- MacOSX 10.9.4
3- glib & friends 2.40.0
4- configure statement as copied from config.status:
exec './configure' '--enable-cocoa' '--target-list=arm-softmmu' '--disable-vnc' '--enable-debug'
5- The kernel image and rootfs are built via yocto-project (standard, out of the box, no custom bitbake recipes or anything)
6- the command line arguments passed to the executable are:
-kernel /Users/myhome/Projects/QEMU/FinalQEMUBuild/qemuarm/zImage--3.10.17-qemuarm.bin -M versatilepb -hda /Users/myhome/Projects/QEMU/FinalQEMUBuild/qemuarm/core-image-minimal-qemuarm.rootfs.ext3 -no-reboot -show-cursor -usb -usbdevice wacom-tablet --append "root=/dev/sda rw console=ttyAMAO console=tty ip= mem=128M highres=off"

====> Results:
- a cocoa window shows up entirely white with absolutely nothing showing...
- when i refresh it (minimize, then show), it turns entirely black
- when i gdb-attach to the process, this is the stack trace:

(gdb) bt
#0  0x00007fff84a129aa in select$DARWIN_EXTSN ()
#1  0x00000001045a36d3 in g_poll ()
#2  0x0000000103aebe69 in qemu_poll_ns (fds=0x7fd10eb00100, nfds=4, timeout=29021000) at qemu-timer.c:319
#3  0x0000000103a96bb3 in os_host_main_loop_wait (timeout=29021000) at main-loop.c:228
#4  0x0000000103a96a0c in main_loop_wait (nonblocking=0) at main-loop.c:483
#5  0x0000000103b34a86 in main_loop () at vl.c:2015
#6  0x0000000103b2ee86 in qemu_main (argc=14, argv=0x7fff5c39c9c8, envp=0x7fff5c39ca40) at vl.c:4379
#7  0x0000000103b1c629 in -[QemuCocoaAppController startEmulationWithArgc:argv:] (self=0x7fd10be0c580, _cmd=0x103d7110c, argc=14, argv=0x7fff5c39c9c8) at ui/cocoa.m:815
#8  0x0000000103b1c42f in -[QemuCocoaAppController applicationDidFinishLaunching:] (self=0x7fd10be0c580, _cmd=0x7fff8587b240, note=0x7fd10bd2a5c0) at ui/cocoa.m:793
#10 0x00007fff8d76482d in _CFXNotificationPost ()
#11 0x00007fff8710d7ba in -[NSNotificationCenter postNotificationName:object:userInfo:] ()
#12 0x00007fff8c447b69 in -[NSApplication _postDidFinishNotification] ()
#13 0x00007fff8c44789c in -[NSApplication _sendFinishLaunchingNotification] ()
#14 0x00007fff8c444786 in -[NSApplication(NSAppleEventHandling) _handleAEOpenEvent:] ()
#15 0x00007fff8c4441db in -[NSApplication(NSAppleEventHandling) _handleCoreEvent:withReplyEvent:] ()
#16 0x00007fff8712bf0a in -[NSAppleEventManager dispatchRawAppleEvent:withRawReply:handlerRefCon:] ()
#17 0x00007fff8712bd7d in _NSAppleEventManagerGenericHandler ()
#18 0x00007fff8dc34e1f in aeDispatchAppleEvent ()
#19 0x00007fff8dc34c32 in dispatchEventAndSendReply ()
#20 0x00007fff8dc34b36 in aeProcessAppleEvent ()
#21 0x00007fff8aad4161 in AEProcessAppleEvent ()
#22 0x00007fff8c4400b6 in _DPSNextEvent ()
#23 0x00007fff8c43f89b in -[NSApplication nextEventMatchingMask:untilDate:inMode:dequeue:] ()
#24 0x00007fff8c43399c in -[NSApplication run] ()
#25 0x0000000103b1d48a in main (argc=14, argv=0x7fff5c39c9c8) at ui/cocoa.m:952

- when i launch qemu from within gdb after disabling signal interception (nostop, noprint for SIGUSR1 and SIGUSR2), the black window just stays as is and nothing is loaded.

The configure script picked the sigaltstack as the  coroutine backend.  (I would love to switch it away from sigaltstack, and onto gthread, but I read enough to suggest that qemu is not stable with gthread... so i went with the defaults, for the time being).
What am i doing wrong?

I would appreciate some pointers.


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