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Re: [Qemu-trivial] [Qemu-devel] Cc'ing emails [

From: Michael Tokarev
Subject: Re: [Qemu-trivial] [Qemu-devel] Cc'ing emails [
Date: Tue, 05 Aug 2014 11:08:31 +0400
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05.08.2014 08:41, Chen Gang wrote:
> Every members have their own tastes, and one working flow may be not
> suitable for all members. I can understand, and hope other members
> understand too.
> At least for me, next, I shall send patch to the members which I can get
> from 'get_maintainers.pl' and only Cc to qemu-devel. And shall skip
> qemu-trivial and Michael Tokarev.

Why skip both?  It's your call, but I'm curious.

What I _think_ wrong is that get_maintainers.pl lists many random
"patchers" for a given file by default.

Besides, we should probably review role of Anthony Ligory, because
he is returned as a sole contact for manu files, but apparently he
does not reply to emails anymore.

>>> I'm not sure how people treat these cases or deal with them.
>>> We are subscribed to, in particular, qemu-devel@, and active
>>> maintainers look there too, so receive more than one copy of
>>> many emails.
>> I believe fighting the established convention to copy is futile.  I
>> embrace it instead, and make it help me prioritize my reading.  Copy me,
>> and I'll at least skim cover letters and other thread-starters to
>> determine whether I need to follow this thread.  Don't copy me, and I'll
>> at best glance at the subject in passing.

We created some separate mailinglists - for example -trivial@ - especially
to get such attention.  This is what I'm talking about, in most part,
because main qemu mailinglist traffic become quite a bit high to follow
it closely, and it is a good idea indeed to Cc someone when sending mail
to address@hidden  But even there, Cc'ing random "patchers" as get_maintainer.pl
often suggests is _not_ a good idea.  I think.

>> Automatic filing into folders and marking copies so I don't have to mark
>> them read twice helps.
>> The additional traffic is a drop in a bucket.

Which traffic you refer to as "additional"?  The personal emails?

At least in my case it is quite significant because of qemu, and qemu
is _far_ from a single project where I actively contributed.  For example,
I contributed many things to postfix, but I don't have to worry about
it in any way, and I don't receive random personal emails - if something
is being Cc'ed to me it really is something important.  Ditto for linux
kernel and other areas.

In case of qemu, see -- for example, Anthony, who apparently stepped
out from qemu.  Almost every email on qemu-devel@ is being Cc'ed to
him nowadays, so he receives _whole_ qemu-devel@ in his personal
mailbox.  Is it also a drop in (his) bucket?



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