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[Qemu-stable] [ANNOUNCE] QEMU 1.4.1 Stable released

From: mdroth
Subject: [Qemu-stable] [ANNOUNCE] QEMU 1.4.1 Stable released
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2013 15:57:25 -0500
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.21 (2010-09-15)

Hi everyone,

I am pleased to announce that the QEMU v1.4.1 stable release is now
available at:


The official stable-1.4 repository has also been updated to v1.4.1:


This release includes 57 build/bug fixes, including an important
security fix for guests using qemu-nbd images.

QEMU v1.4.2 is planned for 2013-05-24.


57105f7: update VERSION for 1.4.1 (Michael Roth)
6e88653: Add -f FMT / --format FMT arg to qemu-nbd (Daniel P. Berrange)
6d0b135: target-mips: Fix accumulator selection for MIPS16 and microMIPS 
(Richard Sandiford)
d89f9ba: Allow clock_gettime() monotonic clock to be utilized on more OS's 
(Brad Smith)
46f9071: target-i386: Check for host features before filter_features_for_kvm() 
(Eduardo Habkost)
f85e082: help: add docs for missing 'queues' option of tap (Jason Wang)
da78a1b: compiler: fix warning with GCC 4.8.0 (Paolo Bonzini)
2b92aa3: block: complete all IOs before resizing a device (Peter Lieven)
e4cce2d: Revert "block: complete all IOs before .bdrv_truncate" (Peter Lieven)
d15b1aa: qxl: better vga init in enter_vga_mode (Gerd Hoffmann)
65fe29e: doc: Fix texinfo @table markup in qemu-options.hx (Markus Armbruster)
888e036: acpi: initialize s4_val used in s4 shutdown (Bruce Rogers)
d019dd9: target-mips: fix rndrashift_short_acc and code for EXTR_ instructions 
(Petar Jovanovic)
dac077f: target-mips: fix DSP overflow macro and affected routines (Petar 
b09a673: target-mips: fix for sign-issue in MULQ_W helper (Petar Jovanovic)
79a4dd4: target-mips: fix for incorrect multiplication with MULQ_S.PH (Petar 
57e929c: usb-tablet: Don't claim wakeup capability for USB-2 version (Hans de 
27c7135: chardev: clear O_NONBLOCK on SCM_RIGHTS file descriptors (Stefan 
283b7de: qemu-socket: set passed fd non-blocking in socket_connect() (Stefan 
a1cb89f: net: ensure "socket" backend uses non-blocking fds (Stefan Hajnoczi)
68f9df5: oslib-posix: rename socket_set_nonblock() to qemu_set_nonblock() 
(Stefan Hajnoczi)
0135796: update seabios to (Gerd Hoffmann)
799a34a: linux-user/syscall.c: Don't warn about unimplemented get_robust_list 
(Peter Maydell)
8378910: linux-user: make bogus negative iovec lengths fail EINVAL (Peter 
7a238b9: linux-user: fix futex strace of FUTEX_CLOCK_REALTIME (John Rigby)
02493ee: linux-user/syscall.c: handle FUTEX_WAIT_BITSET in do_futex (John Rigby)
7d47b24: qcow2: flush refcount cache correctly in qcow2_write_snapshots() 
(Stefan Hajnoczi)
02ea844: qcow2: flush refcount cache correctly in alloc_refcount_block() 
(Stefan Hajnoczi)
0fcf00b: page_cache: fix memory leak (Peter Lieven)
5610ef5: Fix page_cache leak in cache_resize (Orit Wasserman)
7a687ae: virtio-blk: fix unplug + virsh reboot (Christian Borntraeger)
b91aee5: ide/macio: Fix macio DMA initialisation. (Mark Cave-Ayland)
e09b99b: target-ppc: Fix CPU_POWERPC_MPC8547E (Andreas Färber)
611c7f2: pseries: Add cleanup hook for PAPR virtual LAN device (David Gibson)
4e4566c: configure: Require at least spice-protocol-0.12.3 (Michal Privoznik)
43e0061: qemu-bridge-helper: force usage of a very high MAC address for the 
bridge (Paolo Bonzini)
3c3de7c: virtio-ccw: Queue sanity check for notify hypercall. (Cornelia Huck)
b0da310: tcg: Fix occasional TCG broken problem when ldst optimization enabled 
(Yeongkyoon Lee)
d26efd2: qga/main.c: Don't use g_key_file_get/set_int64 (Peter Crosthwaite)
f305d50: qemu-ga: use key-value store to avoid recycling fd handles after 
restart (Michael Roth)
d3652a1: qcow2: make is_allocated return true for zero clusters (Paolo Bonzini)
5194350: pseries: Add compatible property to root of device tree (David Gibson)
4d1cdb9: Allow virtio-net features for legacy s390 virtio bus (Christian 
c3b81e0: rtc-test: Fix test failures with recent glib (Cole Robinson)
99b1f39: scsi-disk: do not complete canceled UNMAP requests (Paolo Bonzini)
f23ab03: scsi: do not call scsi_read_data/scsi_write_data for a canceled 
request (Paolo Bonzini)
0c918dd: iscsi: look for pkg-config file too (Paolo Bonzini)
a8b090e: scsi-disk: handle io_canceled uniformly and correctly (Paolo Bonzini)
4a38944: qemu-ga: make guest-sync-delimited available during fsfreeze (Michael 
b7ff1a7: qmp: netdev_add is like -netdev, not -net, fix documentation (Markus 
d49fed4: vga: fix byteswapping. (Gerd Hoffmann)
cebb8eb: help: add docs for multiqueue tap options (Jason Wang)
3b39a11: net: reduce the unnecessary memory allocation of multiqueue (Jason 
ec9f828: qemu-char.c: fix waiting for telnet connection message (Igor Mitsyanko)
332e934: tap: forbid creating multiqueue tap when hub is used (Jason Wang)
e6b795f: block: complete all IOs before .bdrv_truncate (Peter Lieven)
51968b8: coroutine: trim down nesting level in perf_nesting test (Paolo Bonzini)
80d8b5d: target-ppc: Fix "G2leGP3" PVR (Andreas Färber)

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