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[PATCH v4 00/27] target/s390x: pc-relative translation blocks

From: Richard Henderson
Subject: [PATCH v4 00/27] target/s390x: pc-relative translation blocks
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2023 08:40:25 -1000

Based-on: https://gitlab.com/thuth/qemu/-/commits/staging 

Changes for v4:
  * Rebase and fixup conflicts.


Ilya Leoshkevich (4):
  tests/tcg/s390x: Add bal.S
  tests/tcg/s390x: Add sam.S
  target/s390x: Fix successful-branch PER events
  tests/tcg/s390x: Add per.S

Richard Henderson (23):
  target/s390x: Use tcg_constant_* in local contexts
  target/s390x: Use tcg_constant_* for DisasCompare
  target/s390x: Use tcg_constant_i32 for fpinst_extract_m34
  target/s390x: Use tcg_constant_* in translate_vx.c.inc
  target/s390x: Change help_goto_direct to work on displacements
  target/s390x: Introduce gen_psw_addr_disp
  target/s390x: Remove pc argument to pc_to_link_into
  target/s390x: Use gen_psw_addr_disp in pc_to_link_info
  target/s390x: Use gen_psw_addr_disp in save_link_info
  target/s390x: Use gen_psw_addr_disp in op_sam
  target/s390x: Use ilen instead in branches
  target/s390x: Assert masking of psw.addr in cpu_get_tb_cpu_state
  target/s390x: Add disp argument to update_psw_addr
  target/s390x: Don't set gbea for user-only
  target/s390x: Introduce per_enabled
  target/s390x: Disable conditional branch-to-next for PER
  target/s390x: Introduce help_goto_indirect
  target/s390x: Split per_branch
  target/s390x: Simplify help_branch
  target/s390x: Split per_breaking_event from per_branch_*
  target/s390x: Remove PER check from use_goto_tb
  target/s390x: Pass original r2 register to BCR
  target/s390x: Enable TARGET_TB_PCREL

 target/s390x/cpu-param.h                |   4 +
 target/s390x/cpu.h                      |  20 +-
 target/s390x/tcg/insn-data.h.inc        |   2 +-
 target/s390x/cpu.c                      |  12 +
 target/s390x/tcg/misc_helper.c          |   1 +
 target/s390x/tcg/translate.c            | 864 ++++++++++--------------
 target/s390x/tcg/translate_vx.c.inc     |  45 +-
 tests/tcg/s390x/Makefile.softmmu-target |   3 +
 tests/tcg/s390x/bal.S                   |  24 +
 tests/tcg/s390x/per.S                   |  55 ++
 tests/tcg/s390x/sam.S                   |  67 ++
 11 files changed, 573 insertions(+), 524 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 tests/tcg/s390x/bal.S
 create mode 100644 tests/tcg/s390x/per.S
 create mode 100644 tests/tcg/s390x/sam.S


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