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[PATCH v15 00/11] s390x: CPU Topology

From: Pierre Morel
Subject: [PATCH v15 00/11] s390x: CPU Topology
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2023 14:20:40 +0100


Two important changes in this series:
- The ordering of the Topology List Entries, TLE, is done just
  before building the System information Buffer, SYSIB, during
  the interception of STSI.
  The adventage of this is to do the ordering only if it is needed
  whatever the reason for a change of the topology is, hotplug,
  qapi, instruction PTF(2) from the guest.

- query-topology is no longer needed, it is replaced by an
  extension of query-cpus-fast.

A small change that lead me to remove @Thomas RB:

- Add a trampolin function in cpu-topology code for the
  subsystem reset for extending to PTF reset in the following
  patch on PTF implementation.

@Nina and @Nico RB have been removed from reset patch too in the last
series because of small changes too.

Implementation discussions

CPU models

Since the facility 11, S390_FEAT_CONFIGURATION_TOPOLOGY is already
in the CPU model for old QEMU we could not activate it as usual from
KVM but needed a KVM capability: KVM_CAP_S390_CPU_TOPOLOGY.
Checking and enabling this capability enables facility 11,

It is the responsibility of the admin to ensure the same CPU
model for source and target host in a migration.


When the target guest is started, the Multi-processor Topology Change
Report (MTCR) bit is set during the creation of the vCPU by KVM.
We do not need to migrate its state, in the worst case, the target
guest will see the MTCR and actualize its view of the topology
without necessity, but this will be done only one time.


Reseting the topology is done during subsystem reset, the
polarization is reset to horizontal polarization.

Topology attributes

The topology attributes are carried by the CPU object and defined
on object creation.
In the case the new attributes, socket, book, drawer, dedicated,
polarity are not provided QEMU provides defaults values.

- Geometry defaults
  The geometry default are based on the core-id of the core to 
  fill the geometry in a monotone way starting with drawer 0,
  book 0, and filling socket 0 with the number of cores per socket,
  then filling socket 1, socket 2 ... etc until the book is complete
  and all books until the first drawer is complete before starting with
  the next drawer.

  This allows to keep existing start scripts and Libvirt existing
  interface until it is extended.

- Modifiers defaults
  Default polarization is horizontal
  Default dedication is not dedicated.

Dynamic topology modification

QAPI interface is extended with:
- a command: 'x-set-cpu-topology'
- a query: extension of 'query-cpus-fast'

The admin may use query-cpus-fast to verify the topology provided
to the guest and x-set-cpu-topology to modify it.

The event CPU_POLARITY_CHANGE is sent when the guest successfuly 
uses the PTF(2) instruction to request a polarization change.
In that case, the admin is supposed to modify the CPU provisioning


To use the QEMU patches, you will need Linux V6-rc1 or newer,
or use the following Linux mainline patches:

f5ecfee94493 2022-07-20 KVM: s390: resetting the Topology-Change-Report    
24fe0195bc19 2022-07-20 KVM: s390: guest support for topology function     
0130337ec45b 2022-07-20 KVM: s390: Cleanup ipte lock access and SIIF fac.. 

Currently this code is for KVM only, I have no idea if it is interesting
to provide a TCG patch. If ever it will be done in another series.


To have a better understanding of the S390x CPU Topology and its
implementation in QEMU you can have a look at the documentation in the
last patch of this series.

The admin will want to match the host and the guest topology, taking
into account that the guest does not recognize multithreading.
Consequently, two vCPU assigned to threads of the same real CPU should
preferably be assigned to the same socket of the guest machine.


Pierre Morel (11):
  s390x/cpu topology: adding s390 specificities to CPU topology
  s390x/cpu topology: add topology entries on CPU hotplug
  target/s390x/cpu topology: handle STSI(15) and build the SYSIB
  s390x/sclp: reporting the maximum nested topology entries
  s390x/cpu topology: resetting the Topology-Change-Report
  s390x/cpu topology: interception of PTF instruction
  target/s390x/cpu topology: activating CPU topology
  qapi/s390x/cpu topology: x-set-cpu-topology monitor command
  machine: adding s390 topology to query-cpu-fast
  qapi/s390x/cpu topology: CPU_POLARITY_CHANGE qapi event
  docs/s390x/cpu topology: document s390x cpu topology

 docs/system/s390x/cpu-topology.rst | 294 ++++++++++++++++++
 docs/system/target-s390x.rst       |   1 +
 qapi/machine-target.json           |  59 ++++
 qapi/machine.json                  |  27 +-
 include/hw/boards.h                |  10 +-
 include/hw/s390x/cpu-topology.h    |  71 +++++
 include/hw/s390x/s390-virtio-ccw.h |   6 +
 include/hw/s390x/sclp.h            |   4 +-
 include/monitor/hmp.h              |   1 +
 target/s390x/cpu.h                 |  79 +++++
 target/s390x/kvm/kvm_s390x.h       |   1 +
 hw/core/machine-qmp-cmds.c         |   2 +
 hw/core/machine-smp.c              |  48 ++-
 hw/core/machine.c                  |   4 +
 hw/s390x/cpu-topology.c            | 471 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 hw/s390x/s390-virtio-ccw.c         |  28 +-
 hw/s390x/sclp.c                    |   5 +
 softmmu/vl.c                       |   6 +
 target/s390x/cpu-sysemu.c          |  27 ++
 target/s390x/cpu.c                 |   7 +
 target/s390x/cpu_models.c          |   1 +
 target/s390x/kvm/cpu_topology.c    | 335 ++++++++++++++++++++
 target/s390x/kvm/kvm.c             |  45 ++-
 hmp-commands.hx                    |  16 +
 hw/s390x/meson.build               |   1 +
 qemu-options.hx                    |   7 +-
 target/s390x/kvm/meson.build       |   3 +-
 27 files changed, 1539 insertions(+), 20 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 docs/system/s390x/cpu-topology.rst
 create mode 100644 include/hw/s390x/cpu-topology.h
 create mode 100644 hw/s390x/cpu-topology.c
 create mode 100644 target/s390x/kvm/cpu_topology.c


Since v14:

- move the ordering of TLE to just before filling the SYSIB,
  optimize TLE ordering to be done on need only.
  (Cedric in previous series)

- remove 'query-topology' and instead extend 'query-cpus-fast'


- Divers bugs correction and doc changes
  (Thomas, Nina)

- Separate topology and entitlement, simplify pft handling

- add the resetting of all CPU to horizontal polarity
  once implementing PTF interpretation

Since v13:

- Suppress the topology device to simplify the code

- moved reset of MTCR from device reset into subsystem
  reset and removed previous reviewed-by from Nico and

- No need for Migration

- No need for machine dependencies
  (Christian, Thomas)

- Adding all features, drawer/book and dynamic

- since v12

- suppress new CPU flag "disable-topology" just use ctop

- no use of special fields in CCW machine or in CPU

- modifications in documentation

- insert documentation in tree

- moved cpu-topology.c from target/s390 to target/s390/kvm
  to compile smoothly (without topology) for TCG

- since v11

- new CPU flag "disable-topology"
  I would have take "topology" if I was able to have
  it false on default.
  (Christian, Thomas)

- Build the topology during the interception of the
  STSI instruction.

- return CC3 in case the calculated SYSIB length is
  greater than 4096.

- minor corections on documentation

- since v10

- change machine attribute "topology-disable" to "topology"
- Add preliminary patch for machine properties
- Use next machine as 7.2
  (Cedric / Connie)
- Remove unecessary mutex
- use ENOTSUP return value for kvm_s390_topology_set_mtcr()
- Add explanation on container and cpu TLEs
- use again cpu and socket count in topology structure
- Suppress the S390TopoTLE structure and integrate
  the TLE masks to the socket structure.
- the STSI instruction now finds the topology from the machine

- since v9

- remove books and drawers

- remove thread denying and replace with a merge
  of cores * threads to specify the CPUs available
  to the guest

- add a class option to avoid topology on older

- Allocate a SYSIB buffer of the maximal length to
  avoid overflow.
  (Nico, Janis)

- suppress redundancy of smp parameters in topology
  and use directly the machine smp structure

- Early check for topology support

- since v8

- Linux patches are now mainline

- simplification of the implementation

- Migration, new machine definition

- Documentation

- since v7

- Coherence with the Linux patch series changes for MTCR get

- check return values during new CPU creation

- Improving codding style and argument usages

- since v6

- Changes on smp args in qemu-options
- changed comments in machine.jason
- Added reset

- since v5

- rebasing on newer QEMU version

- reworked most lines above 80 characters.

- since v4

- Added drawer and books to topology

- Added numa topology

- Added documentation

- since v3

- Added migration

- Separated STSI instruction from KVM to prepare TCG

- Take care of endianess to prepare TCG

- Added comments on STSI CPU container and PFT instruction

- Moved enabling the instructions as the last patch

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