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Re: [PATCH v11 01/11] s390x: Register TYPE_S390_CCW_MACHINE properties a

From: Cédric Le Goater
Subject: Re: [PATCH v11 01/11] s390x: Register TYPE_S390_CCW_MACHINE properties as class properties
Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2022 11:53:56 +0100
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On 11/4/22 11:16, Pierre Morel wrote:

On 11/4/22 07:32, Thomas Huth wrote:
On 03/11/2022 18.01, Pierre Morel wrote:
Signed-off-by: Pierre Morel <pmorel@linux.ibm.com>
  hw/s390x/s390-virtio-ccw.c | 127 +++++++++++++++++++++----------------
  1 file changed, 72 insertions(+), 55 deletions(-)


... please add some words *why* this is a good idea / necessary.

I saw that the i386 patch had no description for the same patch so...

To be honest I do not know why it is necessary.
The only reason I see is to be in sync with the PC implementation.

So what about:
Register TYPE_S390_CCW_MACHINE properties as class properties
to be conform with the X architectures

@Cédric , any official recommendation for doing that?

There was a bunch of commits related to QOM in this series :

  91def7b83 arm/virt: Register most properties as class properties
  f5730c69f0 i386: Register feature bit properties as class properties

which moved property definitions at the class level.


  commit d8fb7d0969 ("vl: switch -M parsing to keyval")

changed machine_help_func() to use a machine class and not machine
instance anymore.

I would use the same kind of commit log and add a Fixes tag to get it
merged in 7.2

With that,

Reviewed-by: Cédric Le Goater <clg@kaod.org>



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