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[qemu-s390x] [PATCH v1 0/5] s390x/vfio: VFIO-AP interrupt control interc

From: Pierre Morel
Subject: [qemu-s390x] [PATCH v1 0/5] s390x/vfio: VFIO-AP interrupt control interception
Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2018 11:30:16 +0100

The S390 APQP/AQIC instruction can be intercepted by the host
to configure the AP queues interruption handling for and handle
the ISC used by the host and the guest and the indicator address.

This patch series define the AQIC feature in the cpumodel,
extend the APDevice type for per queue interrupt handling,
intercept the APQP/AQIC instruction, uses the S390 adapter interface
to setup the adapter and use a VFIO ioctl to let the VFIO-AP
driver handle the host instruction associated with the intercepted
guest instruction.

This patch serie can be tested with the Linux/KVM patch series
for the VFIO-AP driver: "s390: vfio: ap: Using GISA for AP Interrupt"

Pierre Morel (5):
  s390x/vfio: ap: Linux uapi VFIO place holder
  s390x/cpumodel: Set up CPU model for AQIC interception
  s390x/vfio: ap: Definition for AP Adapter type
  s390x/vfio: ap: Intercepting AP Queue Interrupt Control
  s390x/vfio: ap: Implementing AP Queue Interrupt Control

 hw/vfio/ap.c                    | 100 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 include/hw/s390x/ap-device.h    |  55 ++++++++++++++++++
 include/hw/s390x/css.h          |   1 +
 linux-headers/linux/vfio.h      |  22 +++++++
 target/s390x/cpu_features.c     |   1 +
 target/s390x/cpu_features_def.h |   1 +
 target/s390x/cpu_models.c       |   1 +
 target/s390x/kvm.c              |  20 +++++++
 8 files changed, 201 insertions(+)


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