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[Qemu-ppc] [QEMU-PPC] [PATCH] target/ppc: Add ibm, purr and ibm, spurr d

From: Suraj Jitindar Singh
Subject: [Qemu-ppc] [QEMU-PPC] [PATCH] target/ppc: Add ibm, purr and ibm, spurr device-tree properties
Date: Mon, 6 May 2019 11:48:03 +1000

The ibm,purr and ibm,spurr device tree properties are used to indicate
that the processor implements the Processor Utilisation of Resources
Register (PURR) and Scaled Processor Utilisation of Resources Registers
(SPURR), respectively. Each property has a single value which represents
the level of architecture supported. A value of 1 for ibm,purr means
support for the version of the PURR defined in book 3 in version 2.02 of
the architecture. A value of 1 for ibm,spurr means support for the
version of the SPURR defined in version 2.05 of the architecture.

Add these properties for all processors for which the PURR and SPURR
registers are generated.

Signed-off-by: Suraj Jitindar Singh <address@hidden>
 hw/ppc/spapr.c | 5 ++++-
 1 file changed, 4 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/hw/ppc/spapr.c b/hw/ppc/spapr.c
index 2ef3ce4362..8580a8dc67 100644
--- a/hw/ppc/spapr.c
+++ b/hw/ppc/spapr.c
@@ -500,7 +500,10 @@ static void spapr_populate_cpu_dt(CPUState *cs, void *fdt, 
int offset,
     _FDT((fdt_setprop(fdt, offset, "64-bit", NULL, 0)));
     if (env->spr_cb[SPR_PURR].oea_read) {
-        _FDT((fdt_setprop(fdt, offset, "ibm,purr", NULL, 0)));
+        _FDT((fdt_setprop_cell(fdt, offset, "ibm,purr", 1)));
+    }
+    if (env->spr_cb[SPR_SPURR].oea_read) {
+        _FDT((fdt_setprop_cell(fdt, offset, "ibm,spurr", 1)));
     if (ppc_hash64_has(cpu, PPC_HASH64_1TSEG)) {

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