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[Qemu-ppc] [RFC for-2.10 1/3] pci/pcie: Make a consistent helper for swi

From: David Gibson
Subject: [Qemu-ppc] [RFC for-2.10 1/3] pci/pcie: Make a consistent helper for switching PCI/PCIe "hybrid" devices
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2017 13:16:49 +1100

virtio-pci and XHCI are "hybrid" devices in the sense that they can present
themselves as either PCIe or plain PCI devices depending on the machine
and bus they're connected to.

For virtio-pci to present as PCIe it requires that it's connected to a PCIe
bus and that it's not a root bus - this is to ensure that the device is
connected via a PCIe root port or downstream port rather than being a
integrated endpoint.  Some guests (Windows in particular AIUI) don't really
cope with PCIe integrated endpoints.

For XHCI it only checks that the bus is PCIe, but that probably means it
would cause problems if attached as an integrated devices directly to a
PCIe root bus.

This patch makes the test consistent between XHCI and virtio-pci, and
clarifies things by having them both use a new 'pci_allow_hybrid_pcie()'
helper which performs the same check as virtio-pci.

Signed-off-by: David Gibson <address@hidden>
 hw/pci/pci.c           | 7 +++++++
 hw/usb/hcd-xhci.c      | 2 +-
 hw/virtio/virtio-pci.c | 3 +--
 include/hw/pci/pci.h   | 1 +
 4 files changed, 10 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/hw/pci/pci.c b/hw/pci/pci.c
index bd8043c..779787b 100644
--- a/hw/pci/pci.c
+++ b/hw/pci/pci.c
@@ -390,6 +390,13 @@ bool pci_bus_is_root(PCIBus *bus)
     return PCI_BUS_GET_CLASS(bus)->is_root(bus);
+bool pci_allow_hybrid_pcie(PCIDevice *pci_dev)
+    PCIBus *bus = pci_dev->bus;
+    return pci_bus_is_express(bus) && !pci_bus_is_root(bus);
 void pci_bus_new_inplace(PCIBus *bus, size_t bus_size, DeviceState *parent,
                          const char *name,
                          MemoryRegion *address_space_mem,
diff --git a/hw/usb/hcd-xhci.c b/hw/usb/hcd-xhci.c
index f0af852..a7ff4fd 100644
--- a/hw/usb/hcd-xhci.c
+++ b/hw/usb/hcd-xhci.c
@@ -3619,7 +3619,7 @@ static void usb_xhci_realize(struct PCIDevice *dev, Error 
-    if (pci_bus_is_express(dev->bus) ||
+    if (pci_allow_hybrid_pcie(dev) ||
         xhci_get_flag(xhci, XHCI_FLAG_FORCE_PCIE_ENDCAP)) {
         ret = pcie_endpoint_cap_init(dev, 0xa0);
         assert(ret >= 0);
diff --git a/hw/virtio/virtio-pci.c b/hw/virtio/virtio-pci.c
index f9b7244..9b34673 100644
--- a/hw/virtio/virtio-pci.c
+++ b/hw/virtio/virtio-pci.c
@@ -1737,8 +1737,7 @@ static void virtio_pci_realize(PCIDevice *pci_dev, Error 
     VirtIOPCIProxy *proxy = VIRTIO_PCI(pci_dev);
     VirtioPCIClass *k = VIRTIO_PCI_GET_CLASS(pci_dev);
-    bool pcie_port = pci_bus_is_express(pci_dev->bus) &&
-                     !pci_bus_is_root(pci_dev->bus);
+    bool pcie_port = pci_allow_hybrid_pcie(pci_dev);
     if (!kvm_has_many_ioeventfds()) {
         proxy->flags &= ~VIRTIO_PCI_FLAG_USE_IOEVENTFD;
diff --git a/include/hw/pci/pci.h b/include/hw/pci/pci.h
index a37a2d5..7b9a40f 100644
--- a/include/hw/pci/pci.h
+++ b/include/hw/pci/pci.h
@@ -453,6 +453,7 @@ void pci_for_each_bus(PCIBus *bus,
 PCIBus *pci_find_primary_bus(void);
 PCIBus *pci_device_root_bus(const PCIDevice *d);
+bool pci_allow_hybrid_pcie(PCIDevice *pci_dev);
 const char *pci_root_bus_path(PCIDevice *dev);
 PCIDevice *pci_find_device(PCIBus *bus, int bus_num, uint8_t devfn);
 int pci_qdev_find_device(const char *id, PCIDevice **pdev);

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