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Re: [Qemu-ppc] [PATCH 18/22] PPC: Fail configure when libfdt is not avai

From: David Gibson
Subject: Re: [Qemu-ppc] [PATCH 18/22] PPC: Fail configure when libfdt is not available
Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2011 10:59:18 +1100
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On Tue, Nov 01, 2011 at 07:28:45PM +0000, Blue Swirl wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 30, 2011 at 20:23, Alexander Graf <address@hidden> wrote:
> > We have several targets in the PPC tree now that basically require libfdt
> > to function properly, namely the pseries and the e500 targets. This 
> > dependency
> > will rather increase than decrease in the future, so I want to make sure
> > that people building shiny new 1.0 actually have libfdt installed to get
> > rid of a few ifdefs in the code.
> >
> > Warning: This patch will likely make configure fail for people who don't
> > select their own --target-list, but don't have libfdt development packages
> > installed. However, we really need this new dependency to move on.
> I'd still prefer the submodule approach to help win32 and OSX users,
> assuming that libfdt builds on those platforms.

I've never tried compiling libfdt on win32 or OSX.  I did help someone
out to get it compiling on FreeBSD, so OSX is likely to be fine.

In any case the core of the library is pretty much pure C with only a
tiny set of library functions used, even.  So no changes to the core
code should be necessary, but it is possibly win32 may need changes to
libfdt_env.h (which provides that small set of functions).  Actually,
if using a submodule, arguably libfdt_env.h should be replaced anyway
with a version which uses existing qemu primitives for things
(byteswapping, in particular).

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