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Re: Invalid accelerator kvm / error: kvm run failed Function not impleme

From: Mario Marietto
Subject: Re: Invalid accelerator kvm / error: kvm run failed Function not implemented ERRORS trying to virtualize a guest OS on the ARM Chromebook running with a relatively recent kernel version and KVM enabled
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2023 23:55:21 +0200

Which version of qemu are you using ?

On Sat, Aug 12, 2023 at 10:40 PM Mario Marietto <marietto2008@gmail.com> wrote:
've removed the line :     

-drive file=/mnt/fisso/bhyve/img/FreeBSD/FreeBSD.img,id=virtio-blk,if=none \

and I tried to boot only the boot image file :

qemu-system-arm \
    -enable-kvm -serial stdio \
    -m 512 -M virt -cpu cortex-a15 \
    -drive if=pflash,format=raw,unit=1,file=/usr/share/AAVMF/AAVMF32_VARS.fd \
    -drive if=pflash,format=raw,unit=0,file=/usr/share/AAVMF/AAVMF32_CODE.fd \
    -boot d -cdrom /mnt/fisso/OS/ISO/BSD/FreeBSD-13.2-RELEASE-arm-armv7-GENERICSD.img \
    -device virtio-blk,drive=virtio-blk \
    -device virtio-net,netdev=net0,mac="52:54:00:12:34:55" \
    -netdev type=user,id=net0 \
    -device virtio-gpu-pci \
    -device vmware-svga,id=video0,vgamem_mb=16

it does not boot,but I get the UEFI shell. I see that the image that I have put there as cdrom is not detected. Maybe I should convert the img file to iso.

On Sat, Aug 12, 2023 at 10:30 PM Валентин <val15032008@mail.ru> wrote:
And one more thing, to enable keyboard and maybe mouse, try to add: 
-usb -device nec-usb-xhci \
-device usb-kbd -device usb-mouse
After that I'm able to input commands in EFI shell. 
With best regards, 



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