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Re: Invalid accelerator kvm / error: kvm run failed Function not impleme

From: Mario Marietto
Subject: Re: Invalid accelerator kvm / error: kvm run failed Function not implemented ERRORS trying to virtualize a guest OS on the ARM Chromebook running with a relatively recent kernel version and KVM enabled
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2023 21:23:23 +0200

I remember. So,more or less,it should be something like this :

qemu-system-arm \
    -enable-kvm -serial stdio \
    -m 512 -M virt -cpu cortex-a15 \
    -drive file=/mnt/fisso/OS/FreeBSD/FreeBSD-13.2.qcow2,id=virtio-blk,if=none \
    -device virtio-blk,drive=virtio-blk \
    -device virtio-net,netdev=net0,mac="52:54:00:12:34:55" \
-smbios type=2 -nodefaults \
    -netdev type=user,id=net0 \
-bios "OVMF_CODE.fd"
    -append "earlyprintk=ttyAMA0 console=ttyAMA0 mem=512M \
             virtio_mmio.device=1M@0x4e000000:74:0 \
             virtio_mmio.device=1M@0x4e100000:75:1 \
             root=/dev/vda rw ip=dhcp --no-log"

The problem is that devuan does not offer the proper OVMF file,as you can see :

# apt search ovmf

Sorting... Done
Full Text Search... Done

ovmf/stable 2020.11-2+deb11u1 all
  UEFI firmware for 64-bit x86 virtual machines

ovmf-ia32/stable 2020.11-2+deb11u1 all
  UEFI firmware for 32-bit x86 virtual machines

These UEFI files are for x86-64 bit,so they are not good for armhf. Where I can find the right ones ?

On Fri, Aug 11, 2023 at 8:33 PM Валентин <val15032008@mail.ru> wrote:
> between the qemu parameters I should put : initrd and vmlinuz,right ? 
Try "-kernel kernel.img -initrd initrd.img". 
Oh, too late. :) 
By the way, I myself didn't experiment much with qemu-system-arm, but people successfully ran hdd/iso images with EFI bioses (for Arm architecture), if I'm not mistaken. 
With regards.


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