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Re: Invalid accelerator kvm / error: kvm run failed Function not impleme

From: Peter Maydell
Subject: Re: Invalid accelerator kvm / error: kvm run failed Function not implemented ERRORS trying to virtualize a guest OS on the ARM Chromebook running with a relatively recent kernel version and KVM enabled
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2023 11:01:27 +0100

On Thu, 10 Aug 2023 at 18:28, Mario Marietto <marietto2008@gmail.com> wrote:
> ---> You can't use KVM with the vexpress-a15 board. The only Arm guest 
> machine that will work with KVM is the "virt" board.
> point 1)
> On the virtual open systems website they used the vexpress-a15 board. You can 
> read by yourself what they say :

This virtual open systems guide is absolutely ancient: it must
be at least a decade old, and dates from the very early days of
KVM on Arm. I can't read the whole document, but
I would not be surprised if they were using a custom branch
of QEMU, or they might have been using a QEMU from
before we added emulation of TrustZone to that board (which
KVM can't emulate). You can see in the instructions that
they're using a custom branch of the guest kernel (and a
very ancient kernel).

It's not a very good guide to what will work today.

> On the devuan 4 host os that I have installed I'm using kernel 5.4,that's 
> lower than 5.7,so the qemu support for it should be there.

It's in the kernel, but you're using a QEMU which has
dropped the support.

-- PMM

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