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Need help on Interrupt handling in QEMU

From: Swedha R
Subject: Need help on Interrupt handling in QEMU
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2023 16:12:53 +0530

Hi qemu team,
Now I am running ARM linux on qemu. It has a gpiochip named pl061 in the /dev directory and it has 8 lines. Now my requirement is , I need to make anyone of the line as an interrupt and I need to trigger the interrupt and then catch that and need to service using interrupt service handler function like doing any task.
Where I got struck means, we don't have any real hardware like pressing button and the led will go? So , how we can work on interrupt in QEMU.
And I got kernel image , rootfs image everything via building the buildroot got from github for ARM architecture. 
Please provide us some values.

Thank you in advance.

With regards
Swedha R

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