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Re: GPU passthrough memory bandwidth performance degration

From: Paul Menzel
Subject: Re: GPU passthrough memory bandwidth performance degration
Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2023 06:51:26 +0200
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Dear Jiatong,

Thank you for your message.

Am 04.07.23 um 03:58 schrieb Jiatong Shen:

   I am testing a passtrhough gpu performance by measuring device to host &
host to device memory copy bandwidth. The tested GPU is nvidia t4. The
benchmarking script I am using is

Please share your QEMU version and the command line for QEMU.

On the baremetal machine, the result is
[image: image.png]

Instead of making screenshots, please copy (and paste) the output to the message.

in the virtual machine, the result is,

[image: image.png]

My question is what could be the reason for the degradation and is there
anything I can do to improve it? Thank you very much for the help.

Did you compare the Linux kernel messages from both setups, and for example `lspci` output? Are you using the latest versions?

With more information, others can hopefully help you.

Kind regards,


PS: If you care:


Best Regards,

Jiatong Shen

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