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MacOS guest from host drive

From: vkSgCeayoBD
Subject: MacOS guest from host drive
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2023 19:25:54 +0000

Hello, I'm dual booting Asahi Linux and MacOS on Apple's M1 MacBook Air and want to run a MacOS guest to learn more about the system, drivers, etc. but still be able to use GNU utilities for everything else, on MacOS there's a lot of same/similar tools but with MacOS quirks which gets annoying.

Anyways, the storage space is limited to 233 GiB so is it possible for qemu to run that MacOS off of my MacBook's APFS partitions/containers/volumes? From what I understand APFS support for Linux isn't great, most utilities/drivers exist to read from it and a few allow writing. Maybe someone has experience with this on QEMU?

And the second question, what kind of machine type and hardware would I use for this in QEMU? I want it to be as close as possible to my M1 Air MacBook so all the same drivers are loaded (I assume they aren't if you're using a generic aarch64 "virt" machine, right?).

I know this questions is kind of broad but maybe someone has experience with this or can offer some advice?

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