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Re: qemu and windows 11

From: Stefano Cappa
Subject: Re: qemu and windows 11
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2021 18:34:36 +0200

Totally agree with Friedrich, there is no reason to use workaround or hacks. You can simply use a tpm emulator. I'm using swtpm (it's open source and available on github) since this August and it works perfectly.


Il ven 15 ott 2021, 18:31 Friedrich Oslage <friedrich@oslage.de> ha scritto:
Why do you want to use the registry workarounds? It's a lot easier to
just emulate a TPM and Secure-Boot. And yes, Windows 11 works just fine
in a Qemu VM which meets the requirements.

Also, I'd recommend using libvirt instead of executing qemu directly, it
just makes everything easier. For instance in libvirt adding a TPM is
just "<tpm model='tpm-crb'><backend type='emulator'
version='2.0'/></tpm>", with plain Qemu you need to manage everything
yourself, including control socket and state directory.


On 10/15/21 1:42 PM, Pascal wrote:
> hi everyone,
> here is the "environment" used (but it still doesn't work :-() :

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