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Re: Difficulties to access guest memory in TCG plugins

From: Kevin Mambu
Subject: Re: Difficulties to access guest memory in TCG plugins
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2021 11:41:52 +0000

> This really isn't what the plugin API is intended for -- it's meant
> for tracing and similar sorts of "track what the guest is doing" activities.
> If you want to model an MMIO device, you're better off just writing a device
> model like any of the others in QEMU, I think: the APIs for doing that
> are much more well-proven and there's plenty of examples in the tree
> of DMA and other devices.

Thank you for your response. Indeed, it seems that trying to circumvent the 
functionalities offered by the Plug-in API will not allow me to properly 
achieve the modeling of my device. As of now I have a pretty tight schedule but 
in the near future, I will implement my MMIO device using the appropriate API ; 
I found the source code of the QEMU educational PCI device.

Thanks for your help, everyone :)

Kévin Mambu

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