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Migration from SmartOS-KVM to XCP-NG VM with 'qemu-img'

From: fluffy-bunny
Subject: Migration from SmartOS-KVM to XCP-NG VM with 'qemu-img'
Date: Fri, 04 Jun 2021 09:15:12 +0200

Hi there!

Currently I try to migrate our SmartOS-KVMs to XCP-NG with this command:

'qemu-img convert -f raw -O vpc /dev/zvol/rdsk/zones/<VM-UUID>-disk0 /usbkey/<VM-NAME>.vhd'

But when I try to repair my VHD-File (as it's discribed here: https://xcp-ng.org/docs/migratetoxcpng.html#from-kvm-libvirt ) with 'vhd-util repair -n test-proxy.vhd' I get this error:

[13:14 xcp-ng asd2345d3-ea2a-f474-0cb9-768996aac4dc]# vhd-util repair -n test-proxy.vhd 
error opening test-proxy.vhd: -22

How can I migrate our SmartOS based KVMs via 'qemu-img convert....' Can someone explain me the correct way?

Thanks for your help.

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