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How to understand vvfat

From: 沈梦姣
Subject: How to understand vvfat
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2021 22:33:22 +0800

Recently I’m learning QEMU storage. I think the two structures are very 
important, BlockBackend and BlockDriver. Usually BlockBackend resides in the 
block device structure like disk, flash etc and the block device is storage 
device seen by guest OS and driver. BlockDriver will handle the stuff with 
host. Hope my understanding isn’t wrong.

And vvfat is BlockDriver, can I understand it as: it is constructing a raw disk 
image (based on the host directory) which can be read by guest? If my bare meta 
guest setup a fat filesystem, the raw disk image can be read and write 

Thanks a lot 

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